"Fidget Quilts" Project

In 2015, the members of Racing Fingers Quilt Guild decided to assist elderly Alzheimer’s and dementia patients at Florida Hospital by providing them with something to keep their hands occupied, thus preventing them from fidgeting with the equipment used during their care. Guild members made nine-patch mini-quilts with tactile and manipulative objects such as textured fabric, old thread spools, cording, zippers, buttons, and Velcro tabs attached. The quilts were laundered, placed in plastic bags that included future washing instructions, and delivered to Florida Hospital. The nursing staff were thrilled with the donation and have made good use of these quilts which will go home with the patients. Guild members are continuing to make these quilts.

During the 2019 American Quilters’ Society Quilt Week held at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center, AQS and other corporations provided the guild with a booth and donations of fabric and embellishments. Many people stopped by and wanted to participate in or to learn about this outreach project. Over 60 fidget quilts were completed.    The majority were sent to Florida Hospital. Over 20  quilts were donated to individuals who expressed a specific need…it was very rewarding to see how much joy they brought to those who requested them.

This project has been so successful that guild members have been asked to supply 13″ x 18″ Fidget Mats for the the Activity Room at the Emory L. Bennett Veterans Nursing Home in Daytona Beach.

"Honor Quilt" Program

The guild’s most recent project is the Honor Quilt Program which serves to remind veterans who have run into a bit of trouble that people appreciate the sacrifices they made to serve our country, and to recognize their efforts to achieve a better life.
“The mission of the Quilt of Honor Program is to present patriotic quilts to those who have served in the Armed Forces in recognition and honor of their service and sacrifice to this great nation.
The network and enthusiasm of quilters is only surpassed by their love and appreciation for those who are serving or have served our country. Veterans’ stories and letters of gratitude for the quilts fuel their energy and passion to create more of these beautiful quilts. The network of quilting groups continues to expand, impacting the lives of America’s guardians of freedom.”
Judge David Beck, Volusia County Veterans Court Graduation Program.
If you would like to help make quilts for this program please contact Linda Derryberry at info@racingfingersquiltguild.com.

"Project WARM"Program

The guild is making quilts for Project “WARM” (Women Assisting Recovering Mothers) located at the Vince Carter Center in Bunnell, Florida. It is a long-term residential treatment facility for women with symptoms of drug and alcohol dependence, with beds designated for, but not limited to, women who are pregnant, post partum, and parenting young children. The women live on campus in a therapeutic and supportive environment. Those with children are able have their children (under the age of 6) in residence with them. Children age 6 and above are able to visit on weekends. WARM provides a broad range of services based upon client needs as identified during the admission assessment.

Racing Fingers Quilt Guild is making some items for the infants, quilts for the children and  quilts and pillowcases to brighten the rooms of the women and children.